Friday, 2 June 2023

Voodoo-Kali - Kali Linux Desktop On Windows 10


How it works?
 * Kali Linux with XFCE Desktop Environment in Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)
 * VcXsrv X Server for Windows is doing the hard GUI lifting
 * XFCE is started natively in WSL and displayed by VcXsrv

Install Voodoo-Kali:
 1, Enable WSL and install Kali Linux from the Microsoft Store. Read Install Kali Linux desktop on Windows 10 from Microsoft Store

 2, To start Kali Linux in Windows 10, open Command Prompt and enter the command: kali

 3, Enter this commands:
      apt install wget -y 
      bash ./install-WSL-Kali-X

 4, Download and install VcXsrv Windows X Server from SourceForge

 5, Start VcXsrv, accept change in firewall rules, exit VcXsrv

Run Voodoo-Kali:
   Start kali in Windows as normal user (that's default), and launch Voodoo-Kali:
    * as normal user: ./start-xfce
    * as root: sudo /root/xtart-xfce

Run Kali Desktop in an RDP session:
   In Kali Linux WSL, type: sudo /etc/init.d/xrdp start
   In Windows 10, open Run and enter mstsc.exe and connect to ""

Status: Voodoo-Kali is in its infancy and it is far from being elegant. I'm working on it though and step by step I'll push out improvements. Below a snippet of the To-Do list:
 * Clean up and comment the scripts
 * Make for a cleaner exit
 * Better error handling and dependency checking (get rid of sleep, etc.)
 * Improve stability of Java programs
 * Improve the looks??
 * …

   Any help is truly appreciated, in any shape or form – from tips to pull requests.
   Why don't you join the forums to discuss?

Further Information:
 * Offsec – Kali Linux in the Windows App Store
 * MSDN – Windows Subsystem for Linux Overview

                                       Download Voodoo-Kali

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