Sunday, 28 May 2023

Blockchain Forensics R&D With Python - Tracking Attackers, Etherscan API Usage, Python Coding, Signature Lookups And Decompiling Bytecode

 Added a new playlist over the last few weeks, its up to about 8 videos now which starts out writing code to monitor attackers address changes on the blockchain followed by using EtherScan API's to track some movements and make sense of things with a few other learning points along the way...   

There is one pre-requisite video however which is where this series came from which is another video I created where we took apart a smart contract from a YouTube scam to find the attackers malicious code, so review that first below: 

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Here is the Pre-Requisite Video to this series Which does a smart contract audit of a malicious front running bot: 

Here is the new playlist series which digs into tracking this attacker: 

Link to full Playlist since blogger is not letting me embed the playlist:

Intro to the playlist: 


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