Thursday, 27 August 2020

How To Hack And Trace Any Mobile Phone With A Free Software Remotly

Hello Everyone, Today I am Going To Write a very interesting post for You ..hope you all find this valuable.. :
What is The cost to hire a spy who can able to spy your girlfriend 24X7 days..???? it's around hundreds of dollars Or Sometimes Even Thousands of dollars 🙁
But you are on Hacking-News & Tutorials so everything mentioned here is absolutely free.
would you be happy if I will show you a Secret Mobile Phone trick by which you can Spy and trace your girlfriend, spouse or anyone's mobile phone 24 X 7 which is absolutely free?The only thing you have to do is send an SMS like SENDCALLLOG To get the call history of your girlfriend's phone.isn't it Sounds Cool... 🙂
Without Taking Much Of Your Time…
let's Start The trick…
STEP 1: First of all go to android market from your Girlfriend, spouse, friends or anyone's phone which you want to spy or download the app mentioned below.
STEP 2: Search for an android application named "Touch My life "

STEP 3: download and install that application on that phone.
STEP 4: Trick is Over 🙂
Now you can able to spy that phone anytime by just sending SMS to that phone.
Now give back that phone to your girlfriend.
and whenever you want to spy your girlfriend just send SMS from your phone to your Girlfriend phone Which are mentioned in Touch My Life manage to book.
I am mentioning some handy rules below…
1) Write "CALL ME BACK" without Quotes and Send it to your girlfriend's mobile number for an Automatic call back from your girlfriend's phone to your phone.
2)Write "VIBRATENSEC 30" without Quotes and send it to your girlfriend's mobile number to Vibrate your Girlfriend's Phone for 30 seconds.You can also change Values from 30 to anything for the desired Vibrate time.
3)Write "DEFRINGTONE" without Quotes and Send it to your girlfriend's mobile number..this will play the default ringtone on your girlfriend's phone.
4)Write "SEND PHOTO" without Quotes and Send it to your girlfriend's mobile will take the photo of the current location of your girlfriend and send it to the email address specified in the SMS as an will also send a confirmation message to your number.
5)Write "SENDCALLLOG" without Quotes and Send it to your girlfriend's mobile number will send all the call details like incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls to the email address specified in the SMS.
6)Write "SENDCONTACTLIST" without Quotes and Send it to your girlfriend's mobile number will send all the Contact list to the email address specified in the SMS.
So Guys Above all are only some Handy features of touch my life…You can also view more by going to touch my life application and then its manage rules... 🙂
Stay tuned with IemHacker … 🙂

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